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Extra Lesson 1 on 1


The Irish Football Agency offers Extra 1-on- 1 lesson for players. This Training will help them improve on their technical aspects of the sport while also enjoying socialization activities duration one-hour session.

For everyone considering this session, below are the list of the things you should expect,

  1. This session will be in a concentrated format. Footballers with great technical ability will more likely become successful, Soccer players between the ages of 8-14 will benefit a lot if they are taught technical ball skills in a nurturing 1 on 1 environment.
  2. The session will last for at least an hour, with full focus on the technical ability of the players and how they can improve.
  3. These sessions will be customized for individuals after keen observations. Right from the beginning we will focus on the following skill sets: Ball control, passing and receiving, dribbling, shooting, defending, balance and coordination. We will ensure that the players find it easy to learn these things, after they might have learnt this and developed a strong grasp of these skill sets, we will move to the more advanced focus such as: Juggling, dribbling moves, finishing, plyometric strength training, and heading.
  4. Our coaches at Irish football agency will be there to complete a written player evaluation that can be mailed or e-mailed to the student, this will help them know different aspect of the game that they should put more focus.
  5. There will also be “take-home” skill assignment designed with the player’s improvement in mind.




2019-07-15 UEFA B License Advanced

Refine your skill. It is not enough that you know how to play football. How good are you? How refined is the skill that you’ve been blessed with? This is why we are offering you this three months training session. To give football a distinct meaning for you. You can reach heights you never envisaged


Player Development Program

2019-07-26 Junior

Irish Football Agency coaches and specialists will deliver an elite academy experience, where players will train in an environment with the same style, philosophy and curriculum of the club’s professional academy. Young players develop better when they have a reference point. Training in the same way like the pros do and on the same pitch […]

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Weekly Skills Course:

2019-07-28 Grassroots

The exact reason this short course is what you need. With 25 other players of like minds, you will definitely be spurred to get to the end of yourself. Aside from our Professional coaches.


Grassroots Phase 1 Clinic – two days

2019-08- 17 Grassroots

Grassroots phase one clinic design to improve boys & girls techinique and understanding of football flexibility from (Aged 8 -11yrs) In 2 days of extensive training and with at least 2 hours of impact,  get the opportunity of playing matches. How better can it get? Hurry as we only have slots for few players


FEL International Student

2019-12-14 Advanced

Our services cut across all cadres. From a comprehensive fitness assessment scheme that makes sure you are fit and in good playing condition at all times to inculcating the spirit of teamwork in you. We are offering a 3 weeks’ intensive program that would build you for a lifetime. You don’t get to come across such courses daily. So, we urge you to do the needful while you still can.